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The Bama Lamas, those fez-wearing, garage-rock heroes of Chicago, loved by the general public and Sound Opinions' Jim Derogotis alike, have just released a new single, "Security." The Bama Lamas' roster features former members of Andre Williams & The Goldstars, HiFi & the Roadburners, and Slink Moss. And with the addition of special guest Gabrielle Sutton, formerly of The Del Moroccos, joining Chris Holtane on vocals, the band is an all-star lineup indeed. Their new chunk of vinyl channels the great duo of Tarhell Slim and Little Ann, with covers of their compositions, "Security" and "It's Too Late." It's a rocker on the A side and a tear-jerking ballad on the B. The group nails both, demonstrating their musical chops and, in the process, making these 60-year-old songs sound timely for 2017. The special French-style sleeve design gives it that touch of class it most definitely deserves!

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