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Part of the Legends Remastered series on Retroactive Records! With the 1983 album Approaching Light Speed, Barnabas released what many still consider to be one of the very best albums in Christian progressive metal. With this release the band pulled everything together and upped the "Wow-Factor" to a new level. With the raging guitars of "No Freedom" launching the album to new heights, the album continued to progress and show artistic growth and maturity in astounding ways. Combine that with cutting-edge lyrics, spacey keyboards interlaced throughout, and textured guitars building to new sonic extremes, and metalheads everywhere were hooked. The recording and the mix of the album also went to new levels, allowing the depth of the music and songs to shine. Each instrument can be heard perfectly, and Nancy Jo's vocals penetrate the soul. Did we mention the guitars? They are LOUD! They are METAL. And, from this point on, they would define the Barnabas sound. In honor of 40 amazing years of Barnabas, this Retroactive Records reissue is packaged in a jewel case featuring a 12 page full color booklet with lyrics and band pictures, and writes-ups from both the label owner, Matthew Hunt, and Doug Peterson of Down The Line Zine. For fans of Rush, Dio, Resurrection Band, Vixen, Daniel Band, and Kansas (if they were metal!).

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