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Autumn 2003 and in a moment of patent absurdity the unthinkable happens. Again. A telephone rings and a venerable cult lead singer answers to hear the voice of his fellow founder member and foil outlining an unlikely live show in Madrid. Considering the fact that their last rehearsal is now over ten years in the past, the singer is for a moment unnerved. Then instinct kicks in and, a few days later when the guitarist has had a chance to perform an unreality check, the plotting begins. The band is The Barracudas and the story very much in step with a career wayward at best. But this time it is different. A reformation a decade before had come and gone accomplishing little more than bilious nostalgia; this time, with egos subdued and music to the fore, a momentum establishes itself and in little time produces a new single, THE glam turn "Don't Ever Say It Can't Be So", a showcase in Madrid, a documentary and, finally, a new, eponymous album.

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