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San Francisco, 1991 - the Dwarves are the greatest punk band of all time, but no one likes punk anymore. Hair metal reigns supreme in Los Angeles and with it the bleach blond airheads that make life temporarily worth living. In this world of madness, producer BLAG DAHLIA recruits San Francisco luminaries to cover glam songs and wreak havoc on the genitals of groupies everywhere. Two shows, three months and one 7" (Sympathy For The Record Industry) later it was all just a memory. But Penetration Moon does not die so easily. Rough mixes of the rest of the record surface on YouTube years later and suddenly the world wants to know - who was the greatest hair metal group of all time? You hold the answer in your hot little hands my friends! 12 never before released songs! 12 classics of Punk Glam Rock! Features members of THE DWARVES, JACKSON SAINTS, 45 GRAVE and more...

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