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Limited Gold Vinyl for Black Friday 2014, limited to 650 copies! Use Your Deluge was originally issued as a 4-song 7" in 2012 on SVART records in Finland. Early discoverers of the EP were treated to the apocalyptic post punk brilliance that the rest of the world would come to clamor for a year later with CLIMAX, the band's breakthrough full-length debut. The expanded fervor for CLIMAX sent music fans worldwide in search of the entire Beastmilk catalog, which depleted SVART's stock of the USE YOUR DELUGE and WHITE STAINS 7"d overnight. Rabid demand drove e-bay activity through the roof, and the band enlisted SVART and Magic Bullet to repress the EP's in efforts to meet the sudden and increasing demand. Beastmilk heavily championed by DRAKTHRONE'S Fenriz, Pitchfork, Stereogum, and members of A.F.I. and CONVERGE. No export to UK or Europe.

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