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Originally issued in August of 2010, the first incarnation of these songs were a self-released cassette titled WHITE STAINS on BLACK TAPE. The strength of the material immediately grabbed the attention of DARKTHRONE'S Fenriz, who proudly proclaimed it one of his favorite recordings of 2010. Additionally, the tape garnered the appreciation of Finland's own SVART records, who issued the songs on vinyl (becoming WHITE STAINS on BLACK WAX with the new shift) in 2011. In the years to follow, the 7" and tape became cult favorites amongst rabid underground music fans and, with the meteoric success of the band's 2013 full length debut CLIMAX, copies became impossibly scarce and began to fetch hundreds of dollars on ebay. In 2014, SVART Records repressed the 7" for European territories while Magic Bullet was tapped for North American production and distribution. The release is now widely available worldwide for enthusiastic music fans everywhere. This pressing is RED, WHITE, and BLACK vinyl copies. No export to UK or Europe.

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