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Comprehensive, remastered collection of 34 tracks including original demos, outtakes, and live tracks that span the band's entire career (1979-1984). The Big Boys were the Austin, Texas band that ran alongside such punk stalwarts as Bad Brains, MDC, The Dicks, and Dead Kennedys. The Big Boys were highly influential in their introduction of funk rhythms to hardcore punk, producing "funkcore" and are considered one of the main influences behind the Red Hot Chili Peppers (who were an early support slot band). The band also featured Tim Kerr on guitar (Poison 13). During their now legendary shows, singer Randy "Biscuit" Turner, was often seen wearing a tutu or dress and made a point of inviting the audience to come up on stage to join in singing. The Big Boys were also one of the first bands involved in the skatepunk scene, including having their very own skateboard, appearing in THRASHER skateboarding magazine and many THRASHER skate videos. Essential listening, highly influential. REPRESSED on GREEN/GOLD vinyl, after the success of the RSD version that sold out very quickly.