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Bite The Bullet's debut features amazing hardrock tunes with a perfect blend of blues, fuzz and late 60's or early 70's elements. The duo from Kopen-hagen developed the sound of their former band Highway Child - the result are catchy tunes with a high recognition value, songs that will spin in your ears for long! The foundation stone for Bite The Bullet was laid for 15 years ago, when Paw and Christian met each other in a worn out youth club in Vejle. The two played together after following in a number of bands, at the same time as they individually played and guest performed a gem variety of Danish bands, including Coolsville, Cody, Magtens Korrido-rer, Jonas Breum, Hellraiser Ten and Thee Attacks. When the boys last band, Highway Child, stopped in 2011, they decided to cut into the leg, bite it in themselves and start a band, just the two of them. The result is Bite The Bullet: Pure, unadulterated, bluesy rock music with the heart in the right place. A lesson in playing pleasure, fuzzy and pure love for the music.

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