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Bjork's eighth studio album Vulnicura finally gets a physical release after the album was rush-released on ITUNES on January 20th due to the album getting leaked early. Bjork's first new album in four years, following 2011's Biophilia album. Her new release was produced and recorded with Venezuelan producer/Kanye West collaborator ARCA (also FKA TWIGS) and spook-tastic British musician The Haxan Cloak. Arca co-wrote two tracks and Spaces co-wrote one other. All tracks were produced or co-produced by Bjork, who also composed the string arrangements. The album can be read as a companion piece to 2001's Vespertine, written and recorded in the first flushes of new love, Vespertine's honest, sensual and breathless lyricism is mirrored by a similar candour on Vulnicura. Billed by Bjork, herself as a "complete heartbreak album", for the most part Vulnicura is the inky, jet-black flipside to Vespertine's new hope, detailing the slow decay of her relationship with artist Matthew Barney. The album also features Antony Hegarty from Antony& the Johnsons as a guest vocal on one track.

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