Greyhouse ‎– Dives To The Deep End RSD

Musica en Vinyl
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Greyhouse ‎– Dives To The Deep End

Formato: 2LP

Country: EEUU

Released: Apr 2016

Genre: Rock

Style: Emo



A1 Twenty - Six


A3 Scissors Paper Stone

A4 Automatic

A5 Ever Nearing Joy

B1 Left Unjustified

B2 Value Story

B3 Johnny's Temple

B4 She Threw Things At Me

B5 Taking Gate/Offer

C1 Tough Shit

C2 Pansy

C3 Man In A Suit

C4 Satchel

C5 James

D1 Hiball

D2 Rose For Lindsey

D3 One Hour Fire Rated

D4 We Know We Are The Engine

D5 Radio Nueva Vida

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