Beck - One Foot In The Grave: Expanded Edition [2LP] (180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl, booklet, gatefold, includes original album plus 16 bonus tracks)

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Beck’s early collection of folk songs entitled One Foot in the Grave was quietly released in 1994. And yes, it’s as somber as the title suggests. But it still provides an interesting look at the young songwriter as he experiments with one of the styles that ultimately gets added to the brew of Odelay. After all, Beck released three LPs and an EP in 1994. The commercial success of Mellow Gold is obviously what most remember - 'Loser' was just the right song at the right time. For avid fans however, One Foot in the Grave fills a valuable void. It’s that missing skeleton in his evolution.
15th Anniversary edtion featuring the original album remastered, plus 16 bonus tracks including 13 previously unrleased recordings.
Original album has been out of print since 2005.
180 Audophile vinyl pressing.
Double LP in Gatefold.
Includes Booklet.
One Foot In The Grave rerelease
01. He’s A Mighty Good Leader
02. Sleeping Bag
03. I Get Lonesome
04. Burnt Orange Peel
05. Cyanide Breath Mint
06. See Water
07. Ziplock Bag
08. Hollow Log
09. Forcefield
10. Fourteen Rivers Fourteen Floods
11. Asshole
12. I’ve Seen The Land Beyond
13. Outcome
14. Girl Dreams
15. Painted Eyelids
16. Atmospheric Conditions
Bonus tracks
01. It’s All In Your Mind (K Records seven-inch)
02. Whiskey Can Can (K Records seven-inch)
03. Mattress *
04. Woe On Me *
05. Teenage Wastebasket *
06. Your Love Is Weird *
07. Favourite Nerve *
08. Piss On The Door *
09. Close To God *
10. Sweet Satan *
11. Burning Boyfriend *
12. Black Lake Morning *
13. Feather In Your Cap (K Records seven-inch)
14. One Foot In The Grave *
15. Teenage Wastebasket *
16. I Get Lonesome *

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