Beginner's Mynd, The - Don't Lose Your Mind [LP] (download)

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The glorious debut full-length album from the Beginner's Mynd has arrived! From the fuzzed-out garage title track opener on through to the dreamy, psych-pop album closer No Expectations, the Washington D.C.-based trio present 10 new songs that expand upon their bedrock sound of Byrdsian guitar jangle meshed with 60's-style pop-psych and 80's paisley underground moves. Adding more 60's-style garage rock grit and attitude to the proceedings, along with some the best lyrics and songs written yet by the mind behind the Mynd, Dan McNabb, end to end the album delivers an excellent way to kick your summertime music listening into high gear! Housed in a jacket with
eye-popping artwork designed by X10, download code included.

''Cut from the same paisley cloth as any number of vintage garage-psych touchstones''
- Shindig! Magazine
''Seem to infiltrate the very air that surrounds them in a dense mesh of light, yet
heavy visceral sound. Intensely satisfying'' - Bananas Magazine

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