Beginning Of The End, The - The Beginning Of The End [LP] (includes ''Funky Nassau'')

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Seminal early 70's Bahamian Funk of the highest order! The debut LP from the Munnings brothers legendary outfit. ''Funky Nassau'' is one of the most sought after Soul/Funk records ever with it's highly original blend of US black music styles and Bahamian roots. A very famous band in their native Nassau, the group only had 2 full length albums under their belts along with a slew of 45 singles but have managed to stamp their name on the ears and minds of record lovers since they first burst onto the scene. The obvious track to reference here is the title track ''Funky Nassau'' a breakbeat fuelled monster dance cut that has supplied hungry samplers with sounds for decades (everyone from The Prodigy & The Roots among those who have used the cavernous drum break!), the rest of this excellent LP also includes the amazing Funk of ''Come Down'' and a whole host of other brilliant sun-drenched tracks. Absolutely essential. Here's your chance to own a true classic! You'd be hard pressed to find another well rounded debut LP, this one is pure joy from start to finish.

The LP has been illegally reissued numerous times without any care or attention being taken to retain or respect the quality of the amazing music contained within. Not so on this occasion, this is a fully legit, sanctioned reissue done in conjunction and with the assistance of Miami's TK Disco empire. Now is the perfect time to revisit the deep, soulful sounds of the Munnings brothers endeavours, a truly sublime collection of songs, masterfully produced and performed with pure vitality.


''Nassau rock and Nassau roll, Nassau's got a whole lotta soul''


A1 Funky Nassau Pt 1
A2 Funky Nassau Pt 2
A3 Come Down (Come Down Baby)
A4 Sleep On Dream On
A5 Surrey Ride
B1 Monkey Tamarind
B2 In the Deep
B3 Pretty Girl
B4 When She Made Me Promise

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