Bent Shapes - Wolves Of Want [LP] (Bone And Pink Vinyl, limited)

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Scene reports. Regional styles. It all seems charmingly
antiquated these days, given how social networking crosspollination
has transcended space and time. But with a hyperliterate,
tightly wound, and irreverent brand of post-collegiate
rock, Bent Shapes may just be the most quintessentially Boston
band in recent memory.
Since forming the group under the name Girlfriends in 2009,
principal songwriters Ben Potrykus and Andy Sadoway have
largely ignored indie trends leaking from the ''industry cities'' in
favor of churning out earnest, expertly-crafted pop and postpunk
laced with ''some of the tightest punk poetry around'' (Liz
2013's Feels Weird (Father/Daughter Records) offered a
glimpse at the discomfort and desperation of youth, with selfreflections
on personal growth and decay. Over a year of
critical acclaim from outlets as diverse as Maximum Rocknroll
and Pitchfork, a tour with John Vanderslice, and shows with
Fucked Up, Ted Leo, and The Bats followed, culminating with
the addition of guitarist Luke Brandfon and bassist Jenny
Bent Shapes spent early 2015 recording Wolves of Want with
Elio DeLuca (Titus Andronicus), although Potrykus and
Sadoway began writing what would become their second album
long before Feels Weird was even released. The band took
their biggest risk in the studio, electing to record ''Wolves of
Want'' purely analog with 16 tracks. ''Even with a relatively small
number of tracks, we were able to bring in some additional
instruments that we hadn't added to our palette before: cello,
trumpet, trombone to name a few,'' says Sadoway.
Thematically, Wolves of Want is an album full of meditations on
mental illness, the struggle to bring goodness into the world, and
faith in humanity as a renewable resource. These themes are
particularly personal to Potrykus who was diagnosed with
multiple anxiety disorders after experiencing acute symptoms
on-and-off for years. ''Writing about it was cathartic for me, as
well -- documenting how I was feeling gave me a way of
contextualizing a personal crisis that made it seem like
something I could overcome,'' explains Potrykus.
From first single ''New Starts In Old Dominion'' through the wiry
''Xerox Voids'' to the acoustic closer ''Intransitive Verbs'' Wolves
of Want is a taut, expertly-written album that is at once personal
and universal, reinvigorating indie rock with fresh relevance.
1. New Starts In Old Dominion
2. 86'd In '03
3. Third Coast
4. USA vs POR
5. Realization Hits
6. What We Do Is Public
7. Xerox Voids
8. Samantha West
9. B?ton Brut
10. Intransitive Verbs

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