Benny Andersson - Piano [2LP] (new solo album includes instrumental piano versions of Benny's music, including some of his ABBA material)

Deutsche Grammophon
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Benny Andersson of ABBA releases his new solo album on Deutsche Grammophon, Piano, now available on vinyl.
Piano is an instrumental piano album featuring Andersson performing pieces from his entire career, including
selections from ABBA, songs from his musicals (Chess, Kristina fran Duvemala) and contemporary solo works.

1. I Let The Music Speak
2. You And I
3. Aldrig
4. Thank You For The Music
5. Stockholm By Night
6. Chess
7. The Day Before You Came
8. Someone Else's Story
9. Midnattsdans
10. Malarskolan
11. I Wonder (Departure)
12. Embassy Lament
13. Anthem
14. My Love, My Life
15. Mountain Duet
16. Flickornas rum
17. Efter regnet
18. Trostevisa
19. En skrift i snon
20. Happy New Year
21. I gott bevar

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