Bernard Wright - 'Nard [LP]

Arista / GRP
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A fully legit 2018 repress of a jazz-funk & boogie classic! ''NARD'' is BERNARD WRIGHT's bonafide Funk masterclass, boasting some truly amazing and heavily sampled cuts, including ''SPINNING'' (used by SKEE-LO on ''I WISH'') and 'HABOGLABOTRIBIN'' (used by SNOOP DOGG on ''G's & HUSTLERS''), as well as some heavy duty boogie workouts like ''JUST CHILLING OUT'' , ''THE MASTER ROCKER'' and many more. A truly solid record and one that features boundless flashes of genius writing and playing from BERNARD WRIGHT and his killer outfit including luminaries such as DAVE GRUSIN, MARCUS MILLER, WELDON IRVINE, PATTI AUSTIN, LUTHER VANDROSS, and many more! This one's a keeper and will have you locked in from start to finish, a total groove-fest. Originally released on the mighty ARISTA sub-label GRP in 1981, '''NARD'' has it all... the beats, the wigged out Oberheim solos and most importantly - The FUNK! Remastered and repressed with the full involvement of ARISTA / SONY BMG for all you boogie freaks. A truly essential album!

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