Bert Jansch - Santa Barbara Honeymoon [LP] (Purple Vinyl, 6 additional non-album tracks on download, limited to 1000)

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The second of two albums that Bert wrote in America in the mid 70s, 'Santa Barbara Honeymoon' foregrounds some of Bert's most charming and addictive melodies. Album highlights include 'Baby Blue', 'Lost and Gone' and a reworking of Jackson C. Frank's 'Blues Run The Game'. Includes 6 additional non-album tracks as a download. Limited edition purple vinyl. 1000 copies worldwide.

1. Love Anew
2. Mary And Joseph
3. Be My Friend
4. Baby Blue
5. Dance Lady Dance
6. You Are My Sunshine
7. Lost And Gone
8. Blues Run The Game
9. Build Another Band
10. When The Teardrops Fell
11. Dynamite
12. Buckrabbit

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