Beverly - The Blue Swell [LP]

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Since the summer of 2014 and the release of Careers, which Stereogum dubbed an ''exceptional shoegaze-pop debut album,'' the main driving force behind Beverly has been Drew Citron. While Beverly began as a recording project between two friends, The Blue Swell out May 6th, 2016 on Kanine Records represents a fresh start for the band. On The Blue Swell, Citron's main collaborator is longtime tour mate and noise pop producer Scott Rosenthal (The Beets, Crystal Stilts), with Kip Berman (The Pains of Being Pure at Heart) lending co-writing talents to Victoria. Careers is acclaimed for its ''fuzzed distortion and melodic sugar'' (Rolling Stone) and its variety, with Pitchfork noting how it ''careens from venomous, angry punk to jangly, mild lust to blown-out emotional hangover.'' While you'll still find reverb, catchy hooks and a track or two like Bulldozer or South Collins that could perhaps fit into the debut, the new album takes a less aggressive and more melodic turn. The new album is, in some respects, bolder, more playful yet more grounded. The Blue Swell was not conceived by two friends taking a piss on the road; it was lovingly crafted by a band putting down roots. It marks a new beginning for Beverly.

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