Aaron Drake - The Godfathers Of Hardcore (Soundtrack) [LP] (gatefold, poster, limited to 1000, RSD indie-retail exclusive)

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Godfathers acts as a dynamic, crucial companion piece to American Hardcore, The Decline of Western Civilization and other films chronicling the evolution of Eighties punk.'' - Rolling Stone

The original score to the highly acclaimed documentary, The Godfathers of Hardcore. Packaged in a gatefold jacket. Includes poster.

Film Descripton:
Debuted at DOC NYC.
Roger Miret and Vinnie Stigma are lynchpins of New York Hardcore (NYHC), and their band Agnostic Front played a key role in defining, shaping and establishing the sound and cultural code of conduct for the still-thriving movement. Unlike the dozens of bands that have come and gone, leaving their indelible footprint along the way, Agnostic Front are still going strong, 11 studio albums into their 30-plus year career.

Track Listing
1. Vinny, 2. Kids Raising a Kid, 3. Old New York ,4. For What its Worth, 5. Ignore It, 6. Mom, 7. Family Man, 8. Destructive Father, 9. Heart Attack, 10. Roger's Wife, 11. Complete Passion, 12. Writing the Future, 13. Friends, 14. Genuine Justice, 15. To the Day I Die

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