Big L - Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerouz [2LP]

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In 1995, fresh off the success of Nas's landmark debut album Illmatic
the year prior, Columbia Records released Lifestylez Ov Da Poor &
Dangerouz, the first LP by a relatively unknown Harlem MC named Big
L. Few at the time would realize that Lifestylez - which was only a
modest commercial success at the time - would go on to be considered
a true classic of the era, comparable to Illmatic itself.
Armed with a cocky Uptown attitude, a sharp wit and production from
the likes of Lord Finesse, Buckwild and Showbiz, Big L established himself
as one of New York's Hip Hop heavyweights with an album that
balanced radio appeal with uncompromising hardcore lyricism. From
the smooth sounds of ''M.V.P.'' to raw posse cuts like ''8 Iz Enuff'' and
''Da Graveyard'' (which featured a rookie MC from Brooklyn by the name
of Jay-Z), Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerouz solidified Big L's status as
a Hip Hop legend despite being the only studio album released prior to
his tragic death in 1999. Traffic Entertainment is proud to release Big L's
classic debut album in a double-LP pressing for the first time ever, with
a fold-out poster featuring the iconic album cover included.

Remastered from the original tapes and pressed on loud double vinyl

Includes 18'' X 24'' poster with first verse from ''Put It On''

1. Put It On
2. M.V.P.
3. No Endz, No Skinz
4. 8 Iz Enuff
5. All Black
6. Danger Zone
7. Street Struck
8. Graveyard
9. Lifestylez Ov da Poor and Dangerous
10. I Don't Understand It
11. Fed up Wit the Bullshit
12. Let 'Em Have It ''L''

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