Big D & The Kids Table vs. Moe Pope - Fluent in Moe [LP] (Black/Blue Split Colored Vinyl, limited to 400)

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The punk/ska/pop/hip hop masterpiece from Boston's Big D, Moe Pope, and Dj BC.

Boston's Big D and the Kids Table, The Doped Up Dollies, and celebrated Boston MC Moe Pope teamed up with producer and mashup mastermind dj BC to present an epic stroll vs. hip hop mashup full-length album. Moe & Big D frontman David McWane have been friends in the Boston scene for over 18 years. Since meeting, Moe & David have often spoken of collaborating. Now, finally, with the help of dj BC, this Dope/Hep collaboration has come to fruition.

Fluent In Moe is an explosive banger that sounds as natural as an original album - you'd swear Moe and Big D were performing this stuff live, with all organic instruments. This Stroll-Hop style of this musical mash-up can be found nowhere else. Fun, danceable and groove heavy, with fun and insightful rhymes from Moe and his fellow lyricists, the LP won't leave your deck until your needle grinds down to a nub. Songs like Down Around City Lights (with guest MC Edo G) will have grooving around your kitchen making you forget about your burning dinner. Fluent In Moe (Danger) is the perfect poison of stroll & hip-hop. And Fuckin' Love Music will make forget all the commercial rock & glam rap out there and reinstate your confidence and love for music.

Limited pressing. Blue/ Black vinyl - limited to 400

Hep! side
A1 Amy Winehouse On A One Way Ticket To Blood (feat. Dana Colley, The Doped Up Dollies)
A2 Don't Axe Me (feat. The Doped Up Dollies)
A3 Fluent In Moe (Danger) (feat. Christopher Talken)
A4 Down Around The City Lights (feat. Edo G, Maestro 1ton, The Doped Up Dollies)
A5 Known To Be Moe

Dope! side
B1 Fuckin' Love Music (feat. Project Move, The Doped Up Dollies)
B2 Stop Godzilla (feat. The Doped Up Dollies)
B3 Chin Up Vibe (feat. The Doped Up Dollies)
B4 Rock-A-Week (feat. The Doped Up Dollies)
B5 Moe Moe Moe (feat. The Doped Up Dollies)
B6 Dirty Thoughts Take Me Away (feat. Dana Colley)

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