Big Star's Third Live - Stroke It, Noel: Big Star's Third In Concert [2LP] (first time on vinyl, feats. Jeff Tweedy, Mike Mills, Chris Stamey, limited to 3000, RSD indie-retail exclusive)

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Vinyl companion of the recently released THANK YOU FRIENDS BIG STAR'S THIRD LIVE…AND MORE, this release will feature the THIRD portion of the live concert including ''Femme Fatale'' which was not included on the CD + DVD/BR release. As an added bonus, five additional songs recorded during the concert but not included on the CD + DVD/BR release including versions of ''Till the End of the Day'' and ''The Letter.'' This is the first time on vinyl for any of these recordings with a total of six previously unreleased songs.

Side 1
1. KIZZA ME (feat. Jeff Tweedy and Django Haskins), 2. O, DANA (feat. Jon Auer), 3. FOR YOU (feat. Jody
Stephens and Luther Russell), 4. NIGHTIME (feat. Jeff Tweedy), 5. JESUS CHRIST (feat. Mike Mills), 6. TAKE
CARE (feat. Ira Kaplan)
Side 2
1. BIG BLACK CAR (feat. Jessica Pratt and Jon Auer), 2. BLUE MOON (feat. Jody Stephens), 3. STROKE IT,
NOEL (feat. Ken Stringfellow), 4. FEMME FATALE (feat. Jessica Pratt and Brett Harris), 5. DOWNS (feat. Robyn
Hitchcock), 6. DREAM LOVER (feat. Skylar Gudasz and Ken Stringfellow)
Side 3
1. HOLOCAUST (feat. Django Haskins), 2. YOU CAN'T HAVE ME (feat. Skylar Gudasz and Mike Mills), 3.
KANGA ROO (feat. Brett Harris), 4. THANK YOU, FRIENDS (ensemble), 5. TILL THE END OF THE DAY (feat.
Mitch Easter and Blake Mills)
Side 4
1. NATURE BOY (feat. Django Haskins), 2. I AM THE COSMOS (feat. Chris Stamey), 3. YOU AND YOUR
SISTER (feat. Pat Sansone), 4. WAY OUT WEST (feat. Jody Stephens), 5. THE LETTER (feat. Robyn
Hitchcock), 6. THE EMI SONG (SMILE FOR ME) (feat. Ira Kaplan)

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