Billy Childish & The Musicains of the British Empire - It Should Be Me [7'']

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Billy Childish & company were in Spain to record in el Doctor Explosivo Jorge Explosion's studio, and I went to Madrid to see them play. At the gig, I asked Jorge how he was doin', and he said, through an ear-to-ear smile, ''Great! I've got Billy Childish in my studio!'' Duh! A few minutes later he came to me with a beer and said, ''so would you like to release what we're recording?'' DUH!! As usual, Childish does no wrong. These tracks are a little different from what you might expect -- accompanying the usual raw garage-guitar sound of Childish are some melodies that remind of noise-pop bands like HENRY'S DRESS.

Originally Released: 2007

A It Should Be Me 2:33
B Loray Head 3:35

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