Billy Wayne Davis - Live At Third Man Records [LP]

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You don't need to be from the South to understand Billy Wayne Davis' particular brand of humor, but being the Nashvillians we are (both transplanted and native), this up-and-comer is one of our favorite used-to-be local (and soon-to-go-global) stand-up comedians. Davis has gone from surprising crowds at the comedy club down the road with his ''like-hillbill-ity,'' to winning over the alt comedy scene of Seattle, to hangin' with Marc Maron and working with the likes of Lisa Lampanelli, Louis CK, and Mitch Hedberg since his most recent move to Los Angeles. Third Man Records was thrilled to have Tennessee's much-missed ''thinking man's hillbilly'' to our stage for a little Southern hospitality and to record another addition to what is becoming a pretty formidable series of live comedy records. Some of our absolute favorite releases over the past seven years have been made without the use of a single guitar, and we expect Billy Wayne Davis Live at Third Man Records to join those very ranks.

LP Packaging: Single pocket, direct-to-board, die-cut printed sleeve, standard weight vinyl
Recorded Live To Tape
Manufacturer: United Record Pressing

1. Rambling Heartfelt Intro
2. Opening Prayer
3. The Middle East
4. Texas
5. Matthew
6. Beef
7. Crossville, TN
8. Coon's Age
9. Honest Dime
10. Kentucky

11. More Kentucky
12. Salvation
13. Thanks Marty & Storme

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