Various Artists - Kitsune America 5, The NBA Edition [LP] (includes basketball style cards of all artists, hand-numbered, limited to 1000)

Kitsune / Diggers Factory
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After making its U.S. comeback last September with the opening of its NYC flagship store on Lafayette Street, Kitsune? is pleased to announce its collaboration with the National Basketball Association (NBA). For its first-ever collaboration with the league, Kitsune? taps into its roots to bring the world of fashion, music and sports together for an experience like no other. Celebrating their deep-rooted love for the game of basketball, co-founders and creative directors Gildas Loae?c and Masaya Kuroki unveil an NBA-inspired music compilation and North American tour. Includes music by Antoine Dilligent, Jahsh Banks, La Pore, Disco Shrine, Pat Lok, Snocker Cot, HMU, NUEX, IMAN, Reva Devito, Ishdaar, Shay Lia, Isle&Fever, Hembree, Von Sell, Lean, and Clair George.

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