Bloody Beetroots, The - The Great Electronic Swindle [2LP] (3 bonus tracks)

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The Bloody Beetroots and Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo's discography features a string of successful EPs and two full length albums (2009's Roborama and 2013's Hide) - including collaborations with Sir Paul McCartney, Tommy Lee, Steve Aoki, Peter Frampton and many more. Clubs, theaters and festivals around the world have thrilled to different incarnations of The Bloody Beetroots' incendiary live show. Form Coachella to Lollapalooza to Governor's Ball to Big Day Out, The Bloody Beetroots Live have entertained millions across 6 continents. But he doesn't just want to entertain audiences; he strives to engage and challenge them, emotionally and intellectually. And he's increasing articulate in his pursuit of that goal.

For his new album, The Bloody Beetroots is working closely with myriad artists, including Perry Farrell of Janes Addiction, Jay Buchanan of Rival Sons, Wade McNeil from Gallows, San Diego Cholo Goth duo Prayers, Deap Valley, Australian singer Nic Cester and Jet, and many more.

The audience has been hearing Bob's music in campaigns by BMW, Fiat, YSL, Lancome and media like CSI, Vice, Star Trek, Entourage, Teen Wolf, Hawaii Five-O, Need for Speed, Moto GP and many others.

1. My Name Is Thunder - The Bloody Beetroots + Jet
2. Wolfpack ft. Maskarade
3. Nothing But Love ft. Jay Buchanan
4. Pirates, Punks & Politics ft. Perry Farrell
5. Invisible ft. Greta Svabo Bech
6. All Black Everything ft. Gallows
7. Irreversible ft. Anders Friden
8. Enter The Void ft. Eric Nally
9. Future Memories ft. Crywolf
10. The Great Run ft. Greta Svabo Bech
11. Kill Or Be Killed ft. Prayers (UNCENSORED)
12. Saint Bass City Rocker
13. Hollywood Surf Club ft. Mr. Talkbox
14. The Day Of The Locust
15. 10,000 Prophets
16. Drive ft. Deap Vally
17. Crash ft. Jason Aalon Butler (UNCENSORED)
18. Frantic ft. Wade MacNeil
19. Fever ft. Nic Cester
20. My Name Is Thunder Jet + The Bloody Beetroots

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