Bombino - Deran [LP] (download)

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Bombino is an internationally acclaimed Tuareg guitarist and singer-songwriter from Agadez, Niger. His music frequently addresses Tuareg geopolitical concerns and is sung in the Tuareg language of Tamasheq.

Deran is Bombino's (Omara ''Bombino'' Moctar) follow up record to 2016's Azel. Deran was recorded in Casablanca, Morocco.

Previously Bombino has worked with producers such as Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys) and Dave Longstreth (Dirty Projectors). This album sees a return to his African roots while still pioneering and exploring a new style of Tuareg music which he affectionately calls 'Tuareggae' - a sunny blend of Tuareg blues/rock, reggae one-drop and bounce.

Imajghane (The Tuareg People)
Deran Deran Alkheir (Well Wishes)
Tehigren (The Trees )
Midiwan (My Friends)
Tenesse (Idleness)
Oulhin (My Heart Burns)
Adouni Dagh (This Life)
Tamasheq (The Tuareg language)
Adouagh Chegren (At The Top of the Mountain)

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