Bob Irwin & The Pluto Walkers - Coffin Dragger/Arabesque [7''] (Colored Vinyl)

Spinout Records/Sundazed
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Think the true spirit and sound of the
'60s exists only in the ring-worn covers
and greyed out grooves of your discs from
1967?!? ''Coffin Dragger,'' the second sin-
gle by Bob Irwin and the Pluto Walkers,
will change—and blow—your mind! Spe-
cially selected from the musicians' new
full-length album, The Throwaway Age,
this disc is as perfect an encapsulation
of a lost era as you will find—a stomp-
ing, fuzztone-infected tribute to the leg-
endary biker film soundtracks of decades
past, recorded with the same kinds of
techniques and energy as the much-
coveted originals...

''Arabesque'' is an audio voyage into a
kind of other world where Henry Mancini
and Chocolate Watch Band might have
made magic music together in a garage,
combining a brilliant melody with a
snarling, complex and distorted arr-
angement, prominently featuring layers
of fuzz and a vintage Ace Tone Top-5
keyboard. This performance, a cover of
a rare Ventures B-side, was conceived
during sessions for a rarities-based
tribute album to the group, and is avail-
able only on this 45.

Both sides of this single were re-
corded with the nearly forgotten artistry
of true 1960s mic'ing and placement, and
mixed to authentic monophonic sound.
Slide it onto your changer somewhere
between your Arrows and Zakary Thaks
singles—you will not be disappointed...
Fuzzboxes set to stun!
1. Coffin Dragger
2. Arabesque

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