12'' Vinyl Record Deluxe URP Shipping Carton - holds between 12-35 records (bundle of 25 boxes and 25 inserts)

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Deluxe, custom 2-piece vinyl record corrugated shipping carton. Simply the best and strongest vinyl record shipping carton ever made.

Heavy-duty singlewall kraft corrugated cardboard box plus custom insert. With our insert, the carton is then doublewalled and triplewalled for maximum protection.

The custom insert is designed specifically to hold most standard vinyl records in place to avoid shifting during transport. On two sides it creates a 1.5'' spacer plus an extra wall of protection. On the other two sides it creates an additional doublewall of protection. Easy/quick assembly required.

Each carton can hold approx:
20-35 records for single LPs
12-15 records for double LPs
range varies based on vinyl thickness, record jacket format (gatefold, etc.), inserts, etc.

Box dimensions: 16-1/2'' x 14'' x 5-3/8''
Insert dimensions (before assembly): 33-9/16'' x 26-7/16''
Insert dimensions, inside (after assembly): 12-3/8'' x 12-3/8''

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Edge Crush Test (ECT) / compression strength: 44 lbs/in
Burst Test / puncture and tear resistance: 275 psi
Size limit: 95 inches
Gross weight limit: 95 lbs

1 unit = 25 boxes plus 25 inserts
weight for 1 unit is 52 lbs


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