Desahuciados - Desahuciados [Vinyl LP]

Slovenly Recordings/Black Gladiator
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Deshauciados and the Fascination with Ruin

''Enough! Or Too Much!''-William Blake

To evict is to abandon: it is to purge a space from its essence, its life, and its refuse. It is from this posture that Puerto Rican power-trio Deshauciados espouses their hardcore gospel of human ruin. Marrying the cult of Nietzsche, Bataille, and decadent poetry with post-punk and deathrock, the sound of Deshauciados is as uncompromising as its influences: an aberrant breed of Christian Death, and My War-era Black Flag,The sonic landscape of their self-titled full-length debut is an ill-mannered mix of lacerating riffs and sludgy progressions that remind us of the constant struggle of trudging through the mire of life.

Tracklist: Fomes Peccati, Emancipacion, Historia Breve del Decaimiento, Consciencia Subvertida, Autofagia, Amigo Fiel, Despertar Necrotico, Reclusion en el Desperdicio, Animales Domesticos, Sobreviviendome, El Regalo del Fracaso

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