GG Allin & The Murder Junkies - Brutality And Bloodshed For All [Vinyl LP] (Red & Bone Colored Vinyl, limited to 200)

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LIMITED EDITION ''RED AND BONE'' HAND-MIXED VINYL OF 200. GG Allin's last studio album featuring his brother Merle. - You don't want to know ...

A1 Highest Power
A2 Kill Thy Father, Rape Thy Mother
A3 Anal Cunt
A4 Raw, Brutal, Rough & Bloody
A5 Shoot, Knife, Strangle, Beat & Crucify
A6 I Kill Everything I Fuck
A7 Shove That Warrant Up Your Ass
B1 Slice Yer Fucking Throat
B2 Terror In America
B3 Fuck Off, We Murder
B4 Take Aim & Fire
B5 Bastard Son Of A Loaded Gun
B6 Legalize Murder
B7 Brutality & Bloodshed For All

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