4 Non Blondes - Bigger, Better, Faster, More! [Vinyl LP] (25th Anniversary)

Interscope Records
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4 Non Blondes only studio album gets a 25th anniversary reissue on Vinyl LP this year, having never previously been released on vinyl in the US. The album features the international hit 'What's Up?' which hit #1 globally. The band was fronted by renowned label-owner and Grammy nominated composer / producer Linda Perry. Tracklist: 1.Train, 2.Superfly, 3.What's Up?, 4.Pleasantly Blue, 5.Morphine & Chocolate, 1.Spaceman 2.Old Mr. Heffer, 3.Calling All The People, 4.Dear Mr. President, 5.Drifting, 6.No Place Like Home

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