's, The - The's [LP] (in gold-foil embossed tip-on jacket, no exports to Japan)

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We've been sitting on this one so long it feels good to finally let it free like some doves at a wedding.

You may know them from ''Kill Bill'' but let it be known that for many years prior the's toiled away in their own 1960's gold-glitter garage universe without the slightest notice from those outside a small circle a like-minded anoraks.

That's why Third Man is overjoyed to reissue the self-titled LP from Japan's finest female garage rockers. As its first-ever domestic US release, this album is a long-time personal favorite of Jack White's and he's been known to break into ''I Walk Like Jayne Mansfield'' (a veritable classic included on this LP) without notice during White Stripes live performances. Couple that with impeccable covers of ''Harlem Nocturne'', ''Long Tall Sally'' as well other originals and what you get is as close to a modern garage ''must-have'' as there is.

Third Man spared no expense with this project with the gold-foil embossing on the old-style, tip-on LP cover (something the band wanted on the original issue of the record but which was not feasible at the time) ...this project was a labor of love.


Track list:

A1 Harlem Nocturne 1:19
A2 Oriental Rock 2:28
A3 I Walk Like Jayne Mansfield 3:48
A4 Arkansas Twist 2:22
A5 Handsome Man 2:35
A6 Rockin' Rochester 2:18
A7 One Potato 1:55
B1 Long Tall Sally 2:57
B2 Cat Fight Run 2:19
B3 I Don't Need You No More 2:11
B4 Highschool Witch 2:57
B5 Teenage Cleopatra 3:26
B6 Tallahassee Lassie 2:29
B7 Scream 2:05

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