John Barry - Thunderball (James Bond Soundtrack) [Vinyl LP] (50th Anniversary)

Capitol Records
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* 50th anniversary of the Thunderball soundtrack * 2015 is a big year for Bond, James Bond with the late Fall release of Spectre, the latest installment of this megasuccessful film franchise and brand * Features score by John Barry and the title song is performed by the legendary Tom Jones * Newly-reissued on vinyl right in time for lots of 007 activity in the marketplace 1.Thunderball [Main Title], 2.Chateau Flight, 3.The Spa, 4.Switching The Body, 5.The Bomb, 6.Cafe Martinique 1.Thunderball [Instrumental], 2.Death Of Fiona, 3.Bond Below Disco Volante, 4.Search For Vulcan, 5.007, 6.Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

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