Neil Diamond - Brother Love's Travelling Salvation Show [LP] (180 Gram)

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Brother Love's Travelling Salvation Show is the name of Neil Diamond's fourth studio album, released in 1969. Four months after the title cut became a hit, Diamond recorded and released a new single, 'Sweet Caroline'. Because of its popularity, this song was added to the end of later pressings of the album. Now on 180 gram vinyl to celebrate Neil Diamond's 50th anniversary in music.

1. Brother Love's Travelling Salvation Show (Side A),
2. Dig In (Side A),
3. River Runs, Newgrown Plums (Side A),
4. Juliet (Side A),
5. Long Gone (Side A),
6. And The Grass Won't Pay No Mind (Side A),
7. Glory Road (Side B),
8. Deep In The Morning (Side B),
9. If I Never Knew Your Name (Side B),
10.Memphis Streets (Side B),
11.You're So Sweet Horseflies Keep Hangin' 'Round Your Face (Side B),
12.Hurtin' You Don't Come Easy (Side B),
13.Sweet Caroline (Side B)

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